St Patricks Day

Although some wear green in honor of St Patrick's day, why not immerse yourself in it. Skip the green beer, and lucky charms and get outside. Take the day to reflect on how you can do your part to keep the planet green. We love a good celebration as much as the next, but perhaps instead of following the wildly popular commercial way of partying, we can come up with Eco-friendly ways. 

Set up a little nature hunt and take your kids out to search for leprechauns, see if they can find a "pot of gold". Or explore rainbows by finding and drawing the different colored things they see out on a walk. Maybe build a leprechaun shelter out of stones, mud, and sticks. Children love getting messy, have fun with it!

If you're looking to celebrate at home, perhaps you could grab a few craft brews from a local brewery and feel good about supporting your economy. Grab some friends and have a backyard fire instead of pub-hopping all night. Or maybe you could have a home brewing party, where you make your own beer for everyone to sample. If you do go out, try to go someplace within walking distance, the fresh air does the body good before, and after a night of celebrating. 

There are so many different ways to incorporate nature into our regular holidays. When we actively think of reasons to get out, we change our mindset and begin to crave the outdoors. We associate nature with nurturing and strengthening our abilities physically and socially. My favorite St Patrick's day memories have always been the long walks home with friends. How will you make your celebration memorable?


Tree Foxx 


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