Snow Days

If you live in an area that has been pounded with snow this winter (like us), you’ve probably thought to yourself “not another snow day! What do I do with these kids?” Snow days are the perfect opportunity to get those kiddo’s outdoors and burning energy. We often resort to plopping them in front of the T.V, Phone, or iPad. Although these avenues can be entertaining to youngsters, they’re winding up their little minds and not providing a way to calm them back down. 


When we instead encourage them to go play in the fresh snow their bodies and minds connect,  and they begin to engage in multiple levels of growth and development. They create, problem solve, and gain independence. Is there anything cuter than seeing your toddlers little snow angel? Or your ten your olds huge snow fort? What about the first time your child makes a snowman by themselves? 


These are all moments that are fleeting, if we don’t experience them during those early developmental stages, we will not be fostering a healthy love of the outdoors. When we set these foundations at a younger age, as our children grow into adults they will turn to nature for peace, rest, and mindfulness. Something as simple as catching snowflakes on their tongue could ignite a passion for winter snow and stave off those pesky winter blues in future years. 


So the next time you get that school closure notification, remind yourself that it is just another opportunity to spend time with those little people who grow too quickly. Take that time with them, explore your backyard, or neighbourhood park, make hot chocolate and discuss all of the fun things you did outside. Encourage your children to think of future outdoor snow day activities, and look forward to creating big memories out of all those fleeting moments. 

Re-create some of your favourite snow day memories, and teach your children to make their own path. 


Tree Foxx



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